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Thursday, 29 December 2011

This is not emo

does true love exsist?                                                                                                               
thts what we all trying to find out.
i see people breaking uphook-ing up.
i know ppl who is heart broken,                                                                 
falling in love,confused in love 
and gave up on love.                              

there is so many stories behind all of it.
everyone has a story to tell rite?

everyone dreams of having true love.
and i meant EVERYONE.
what do we know bout love really?
we only say "i love u"
but we dont know what it means
thts what i thought..

so, this guy told me
he wants love but not a girl.
we all know thts not possible.
if it is, then, i want love too but not a guy.

i guess
we just have to accept people's diff
its either bad or good
we're not perfect  u knw.
so, what the heck rite??

idk what im writing here.
maybe because i just heard a guy told me
bout his 1st relationship.
and yes, he still loves her.
but she wants him to move on.
i guess,
i knw what tht guy was talking about..
what do i knw bout this, rite.

its not easy to forget someone u love
but, time will heal everything.
and we will move on rite.
we all will.

wth am i trying to say here..
i just want to believe a relationship can last for a long time
can i?

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