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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Things that man should never do

  • Joke about breaking up
  • Talk to your partner about your ex
  • Lie
  • Make promises you cant keep
  • Flirt with other girls
  • Make fun about woman's face, hair, body or clothes
  • Show too much care about fashion
  • Expect praise for doing what you're supposed to do
  • Show your fear of a dog
  • Cry while watching movie
  • Break your words
  • Wear too-short or too-tight shorts
  • Pierce any part of your body
  • Criticize another man's wife in front of him
  • Cheat on your partners
  • Tell a woman that she's overreacting
  • Talk to a woman when you're mad 
  • Treat a woman badly and with disrespect 
  • Blame your faults on a woman

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