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Friday, 1 June 2012

She's 17

Assalammualaikum, earthlings. Hello everybody, let me grab a handful of minutes of your attention and congratulate our "newly-born", Hajrah, on her 17th birthday, and wish her a couple of things. Well, to be frank, I am very glad write this post today . Happy Birthday HAJRAH BAHARUDDIN. hah ambik kau full name. HAHA! by the way, here i wanna wish you happy born day kawan. ewah ewah dah besar dah cik kak sorang ni. you're no longer a kid kawan, wehuuu. untunglah, dah reach 17. i'm kinda jealousy *yeah i'm kinda jealous much* :p i don't have a gifts for you since i'm not meeting you yet. insyaallah minggu depan kita jalan yer cik kak. by the way, i've call Hajrah this morning using my Tune Talk number. ehh, have i mention before that i'm now Tune Talk user? ohh yah, i'm Tune Talk user right now. tell yahh, this Tune Talk was awesome! seriously, more cheaper compare to the others. especially Celcom, gosh Celcom is 'cekik darah' you know guys -.- but still i'm using it. this Tune Talk number was bought by my abah 3 or 2 months ago if i'm not mistaken. he bought for me and my ummi, so no wonder my mother and i have two phones right now. 

ok, i'm just out of the topic. *but seriously, i think you should buy the Tune Talk* ok dah dah mai, sudah-sudah lah jadi promoter tu. HAHAHA XD. okei for this birthday girl, i just don't know what to say. since you know what usually speech will be given to birthday person like you. tapi, oleh kerana aku baik dengan kau. so, aku bagilah ayat-ayat yang cair khas untuk kau *ok ayat nak muntah :p

Dear Hajrah,

first off all, Happy Birthday *ohh, this was my third time saying this* happy sweet 17. applause for you. hopefully that this year will bring you the happiness and sweep all your sorrow. we've know each other since we was in Form 1. aku ingat lagi masa tu kau kecik-kecik, masih comot-comot lagi. cewwaahhh! and we've getting closer when we're in Form 3, aite? but foremost, you're amazing person buddy. i wish that harmony will company you in your lifetime. this 17 age is the time of life when you arrive at a new and awful dignity, when you may throw aside and start to think like an adult right? and this age quit good enough for you to get married, to stand in your own feet. and i just hope that this friendship will long lasting until the last breath and also until Jannah, insyaallah. and sorry for all mistakes that i've being doing towards you before and after this #sehh, ada niat mahu buat lagi :p kiddings. not forgotten, may the love between you and Shahrul will stay strong until our high school, university life and works carrier. wish both of you will unite in the nikah's ways one day. aminnn. ohh ya, hampir terlupa good luck juga untuk this coming SPM. stay cool and diligence yah? hehe. ok then, rasanya dah panjang merepeks dah ucapan aku untuk kau ni. balik sekolah aku nak kek  tauuuuu :p

"The love of my life is the love between friends" 

when we're talking about this, tell yah i have my birthday party dreams you know. i've this dreams since i was 9 years old. i just hope somebody will make this kinda surprise on my birthday. but till now there's nobody know what kinda birthday party it is. mwehwehwe. it's just like simple party but cute. i just one someone prepare the place for my birthday. i don't want a big party, i'm not telling to celebrate my birthday at the grand place such as hotel, resort or whatever. i just want a surprise when somebody take me away at one place and surprises me with the cake. sing me a birthday song and make a speech for me. whoaa, cool isn't it?
and i want all the people that i love are there which is my family and friends. it was good enough already.

cute tak kek bunga bunga ni? haha yah great this is 17th birthday cake that i want

errr -.- no motiff :p

lastly, i want this

fresh roses or tulips as the last gifts for me

ohh cik Mai dah berangan lebih-lebih dah. ok lah that's all for this time.

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Mimieyy said...

nie linknya,

Btw, happy birthday to your friend. Kau di kudat ka skg mai? Jumpa kita bh.

The Way I see The Things :) said...

yeah. hehe. bha sound2 jakk :)hehe