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Sunday, 8 April 2012

NO !


Ahaks ! yahh, silly statement above. But I'm serious! Wohooo, I will single mingle triangle this whole year :) don't ask me why. Everybody keep asking me. "Mai, why you end your relationship with him?" uhuk uhuk. 2 years i've heard the same question from the people around me. And another words yang bikin panas from the unknown people is "Mai, tak payah nak tunjuk alim sangat lah. Tak couple tak semestinya baik" . pheww -.- since when i've admit myself "alim" ? hello, excuse me you wrong! I've made this decision because my big aim now is my upcoming battle Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia! Ohh ya la, I know yang I tak la sepandai korang. That's why I sedar diri yang I'm not good enough compare to you. That's why ALLAH sedarkan I supaya belajar! Bukan mau tunjuk "alim". Ok here, you know that i have being brainwash by the people that care about me which is my family especially abah and ummi, my teachers, and my friends. I still can remember what my abah says to me.

Abah says,
"Eqa, tahun ni eqa SPM. Eqa anak abah yg pertama Insyaallah akan masuk universiti. Study betul2. SPM ni cuma datang sekali, penentu masa depan, penentu kerjaya suatu hari nanti. Abah tak mau apa2 dari eqa selain dari kejayaan. Fikir betul2, study and usaha la sungguh2. Jangan menyesal di akhir nanti. Hal cinta tolak tepi dulu, nanti di Universiti jumpa juga tu."

hmm, touching sikit. And next is what my teachers say to me. Upps salah, not me saja. All my friends at the class also.

My teachers says,
"Student, this is the last chance for you to prove to your family and people around you that you can succes this time. Forget about your PMR, it's only the starting. Spm ni yg betul2 kena shoot sehabis baik. Stop2 lah main tu, let's you suffer this one year saja lagi. For those who have girlfriend or boyfriend please think about it again. Do you think that your couple can help your future? lagipun, susah berkat tu mau dtg nanti."

see that, everybody knows that love will disturb us. I tak ckp salah bercinta, you can but maybe
not this time. Be positive lah, I bukan nak blame orang yang bercouple. Even I pun pernah couple ok? But this is my opinion, this time I can't stand with two commitment in one time. I can balance it, it's myself. If I lebihkan cinta dari study i gonna drop my result, so rugi lah guys. My boyfriend will not help my future, he never help me if my SPM failed. He will never answer my question paper during SPM. So, it's not worth la katakan. My parents can give everything I want, but I'm not serious in my study. Itu kejam namanya, tak berbaloi la apa yg I deserve selama ni. My teachers berabis push suruh study tapi I main2, bagus tak payah sekolah kan? 

So here I want to tell that,


biar berjaya dulu sama2. Be the best student. Enter the university. Achieve our dreams. Have our own carrier. Build our own empire. Be the one who will give benefits to others.
After that, tawakkal kepada ALLAH. His the best planner, ADA JODOH TAK KE MANA (pinjam ayat kau jita). Now you know right?

Lastly, I want to express my principe

" Kejar si cita-cita datang si cinta, kejar si cinta hilang si cita-cita"

so, you choose.

Jannah or Jahannam?

All the powers is in your hands.

That's all for now, Assalammualaikum :)

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