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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Happy Birthday girl :)

Assalammualaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh
Today's post is dedicated to my special bestfriend named


actually , i've made this post early before her date of birthday which is 27 APRIL actually. I'm sorry, it is because maybe I will
not going back to home on your birthaday. We'll struggle hard
for our Sumatif examination on that weeks.

So, that why I make this video to wish you. I have no presents for you. Just this video will say everything about my heart whisper towards you. I just want to thanks you for EVERYTHING.

Five years already past, we have through a lot of time.
we have make a best memories that can't be fading.
I will remember all the moments that we have share together.
Thanks a lot for your help, the 'ilmu' that we share together
the food (HAHAHAHA) and all the stuff that you have give to me.

I probably apprieciate it.

Forgive for all my mistakes towards you. Maafkan ehh *mata blink2
Here I just want you to know that,
I never regret to be a part of your life. So are you?
I just hope that this friendship never ends, satu hari nanti kalau kita dah berjaya sama-sama jangan lupakan aku k?
Kalau satu hari nanti aku dah jauh dari landasan Allah tarik aku cepat2 tau. I really wanna be together with you in this 'dunia wa akhirah'. Kalau kita dah pergi oversea, we will totally seperate between East and West. You will study at Jordan and I will pursue my study to United Kingdom. Two different world, right?

It is far apart. Toooooooo far!
But, it's not a reason for us to end this friendship kan?
You have tell me before that we will success together, right?
I hope Allah will hear your words.

Ok, here I have make a video for you. Just special for you.
I have nothing to give you. Bet you if just I can give you the value things in my life, I will give you my heart.
But if I give you, there's no more friendship love between us.
I hope that this video will enough for you to know how much I love you.

Thank you 


Before you play this video, please pause the background song first at the bottom of this blog. If not, you will not hear
the voice of this person on the video. Please use your handsfree or beats if the voice still not clear.

 Thanks! Enjoy it :)

sorry for the low quality, i'm using my BB.

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